Will Ice B – Dirty Side (Lyrics)

Will Ice B - Dirty SideThis is me Will Ice B

A lot of nigga, they copy me

A lot of nigga, they want be me

A lot of niggas, they shhuuuut

All about me and my real bro

All about me and my fame, bro

All about me

They want see me down

They will see shiiiiiiiiiiine haha ((WIB))


She talking about money

The lady wanna talk about this

When i see that boo-booty that make me feel normal

Come closer i gon make U feel something normal Ha

The lady got a beauty that can make me feel

Anyday i wanna give her wha-what she needs Ha

I wanna tell U something new gyal

Come on and give me that booty

I wanna make it scream wouah

She made that booty free

And I won’t talk about the way she gon do this

When i’m  hustlin’ nobody won’t talk about it ((Holla))

And I can make the sacrifice for this

She gon’ criminally lean it softly

And i don’t wanna talk about the way she gonna spice it

And I wanna pimp it all the day

Baby call me G-Ulrich , Will Ice B all the time when i give U something nice Ha

She wanna make me feel like i do

Everyday and night i want to make her feel more than i can do

And i can drive the booty

U know I got more than money

Every day and night I want give U something special now

I wanna pay U the time for the boo-booty that U know

Don’t go go too far, don’t make me feel alone

And i don’t wanna talk about the way U do the thing

I luv it and i wanna give U something new now

This is Will Ice B, this is Nil’Juv, MDMAD, Aryan beat

Make it suffer oh You

I wanna tell U something

Baby come a little closer

No matter what U gon’ do

I know that U gon like it

U gon make me feel something special

When I know that U got motherfucking crazy love for dough (hahahaha)

And I know I’m joking for sometimes

And i know i don’t play the bad game

The new game, they gon’ call

Don’t talk Califor

I got U know

Baby come for new show

This is real freestyle for new year, for new hoe


And i don’t really know what i gon talk about now

Coz I’m a really motherfucking gangsta now

And anything i gonna do, U gonna like it now

Gone really really crazy

Gonna call  me G-Ulrich coz i get the time

And i get anything that U want

And I’m doing that freestyle no stop

There is no break time inside that

U know U know U luv it

But U fuck it criminal

I don’t wanna give U time

I wanna make it suffer now

No No joking

I know the time is hard

But I gon make something new

That gonna make U scream Holla


E tchi do

Mi nan non mon do

Mi ko soun akpo do beat o wou ((hahahaha))

E mi blo kaka, Mi do din djè wè

Aryan beat a do gbè.

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